This Is What Editors Do To You!

When I interviewed Richmond-based engineer Sanjay Mistry for this article for the Telegraph I knew I had a zinger of an ending for my story. If you look at the edited version…. well, maybe not quite insipid but zinger? No.

Luckily I have a blog and maybe one or two people even read it. So I’m putting my original ending out for the world to see:

Mistry voted for Clinton in the Virginia primary. He describes her as “smart and focused; someone who knows how to get things done.” But he also thinks a woman would do the office some good. “She would bring a new dynamic – shake up the old boy network. Men have been consistently screwing up the country for centuries. It’s time for a woman.” His wife voted for Obama.

More importantly, they have inserted a statement I didn’t make in my original submission. Hopefully they’ll run a correction!

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