Welcome To My Blog!

Once upon a time, I had a little blog called “thought oven”;  I wasn’t always regular with it.  It was more about sharing when I wanted to rather than trying to keep up with some perceived standard of what “successful” blogs are supposed to do (although, in spite of my own recognized priorities, I did often feel a strange compulsion to keep it “updated” …”active”… “relevant” …etc.).  For the most part, I enjoyed blogging.

Then I realized  — not one day in a flash of insight, but gradually over a significant period — that everyone is always talking these days!  Just yapping endlessly and assuming every little thing that occurs to them will somehow be fascinating to the world.  It also seemed that while everyone is talking, very few are listening.  There seemed to be more bloggers than blog readers.  I just didn’t want to be yet one more talking head in a cacophonous Babel-world.  So I stopped.

But the thing is, conversation is a good thing!  We don’t all have to be shouting at each other. We could actually be talking and listening, reading and writing… and doing so with a real intent to exchange ideas. Discourse has always been one of my favorite things in the world.

I for one, DO read other people’s writing! I DO think about what they’re saying. I genuinely DO try to be open to persuasion. So, why should I choose to drop out of the conversation?  Instead, I can simply choose to be someone who speaks — not to advertize myself — but to share a thought or experience that I sincerely believe someone else might find interesting.

So, I’m restarting.

(and I’m randomly importing some of the content from the old Thought Oven blog for kicks… please see below if you’re interested.)

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